Bangkok Rocks the Nightlife Scene

On the bright side, long gone are the days when Bangkok was presented as the Mecca for sleazy and rowdy behavior and for the risky activities that often involved sex with transvestites and under-age prostitutes. Times have changed, significantly, and the “new” Bangkok offers much, much more, and all kind of tourists and people with different tastes can find their preferred type of entertainment. Indeed, Bangkok is a modern, trendy capital of fun.


On the other hand, spirituality in Thailand rarely goes beneath the surface. Tourist-oriented monks are often cash-hungry, while the lovely temples offer little else beyond eye-candy. If you want a Disney-esque introduction to Asia, Bangkok will likely suffice.

Safety and security of tourists is now one of the most important elements for the authorities in this town, and this resulted in the sever drop of recorded numbers of robberies, murders and rape incidents, although precautions need to be taken as police cannot control all of the people in such a giant place. Popular culture has created a lot of the bad reputation that this city has, but once you come here and sit in that pink taxi all your worries will magically disappear and you will find yourselves with you arms high in the air dancing to some intoxicating melody, surrounded by dozens of tourists and locals who are just here to have some fun and excitement.

There are many types of expats in Asia. Some come to work, others come to learn, and many more come simply to party. For the latter, several areas of Bangkok are famous for good music and good club scene, and there are also those that are famous for other types of “entertainment” – predominately by offering go go dances and sex services.

Peep shows are common here and can be found on every corner, and in those “red light districts” people can easily acquire the services of the gender they aspire towards. Popular feature of Bangkok is the high concentration of “ladyboys”, or transgender persons that look like amazingly beautiful Asian girls with perfect female bodies – with one significant exception  (which is often replaced with artificial vagina, since the market for plastic surgery in this area is expanding exponentially). Some of the areas that are the most popular for tourist are called Sukhumvit, Khaosan and RCA, and they have attracted millions of people over the years.

Famous bars that exist in Bangkok are a part of its nightlife scene and names like Q Bar, Levels, Bash and Eden Club are a long-lasting synonym of this city. They offer different types of music and different types of entertainment, but they should all be visited if tourists want to have the real essence of the Bangkok nightlife. Other big time names when it comes to bars are Route 66, Flix and Slim in RCA, and The Club is the epitome of partying in the Khaosan area. Nana area is especially famous for its highest concentration of hookers, and this may be attractive for some tourists as well.


When it comes to new bars that yet need to build a reputation and to attract significant numbers of clients, places like Apoteka and Le Derriere with their French/New Orleans style and red velvet furniture could be interesting, as well as the Badmotel with its super-modern image of an art installation of an old, decaying building which has great attributes to become one of the best places for DJs and electronic music. If you are into rock and some other styles, there is a great selection of live music performed in this city, with the The Rock Pub offering the “hardest” sound but attracting a lot of fans at the same time.

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